May 3-4 2018



All meet entries will be performed online - if you have not used online entry before please refer to the online tutorial before entering.

Click for Online Entry

The deadline for submitting your entries is Tuesday  May 1, 2018 (12 PM EST) - No Exceptions !!  No faxed, email or late entries will be accepted - No Exceptions!!.  Please make sure that you use a functional email address.  Upon accessing the online entry page you must first enter team information into the system before you submit your roster.  Your team will not appear in the team menu until you do so.

Please refer to online tutorial if you have any questions regarding the online entry process.  It is important that you submit a performance mark with your athletes’ entries.  Please be honest with your athlete’s capabilities and use marks achieved during the season - not what you feel they will be able to achieve during the Championship Meet.  If you do not provide marks for your athletes they will be put into the slowest heats.

Heat Seeding  / Field Event Flights / Advancement:

Seeding for sprint prelims will be random.  Section vs.Time Finals will be seeded FAST heat to SLOW.  By rule nine will be taken to field event finals (# of lanes on the track + 1).  There will be three preliminary attempts for all field participants followed by three final attempts for the top nine prelim marks. If there are large numbers of field event participants meet management reserves the right to change to three or four maximum attempts with no finals.  Field event flights will be seeded worst to first. Top eight times advance to sprint and relay finals from prelims.

Team Scoring / Entry Limits:

Team points will be awarded 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.  A maximum of two scorers per team per event.  All events as per rule meeting are limited to four entries per team per event with the exception of relays.  Teams are allowed only one relay team entry per relay event.  Individual athletes are limited to three events combined maximum.  This includes field events - running events - relays.  Please be aware that entering an athlete as an alternate on your relay counts towards that athletes events total - regardless if he or she actually runs the relay.

Meet Schedule / Event Check In:

We encourage teams to arrive after 3:45 PM to avoid traffic problems with Hardin Valley Academy class dismissal.  Listed times in the schedule are estimates only and may change depending on the number of entrants in each event.  The meet may run as much as 45 minutes ahead of schedule so please stay alert and listen for the event calls.  All athletes entered in the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and all relays are required to check in when their event is called.  Athletes are to report to the clerks area adjacent to the 200m start for check in and assignment of hip numbers.  Field Event Athletes will report directly to their field event venues when called.  Throwing events are located inside of the main track area on the infield.  Please do not warm up for throwing events if there is not a throws official present.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  If an athlete is entered in both field and running events running event check in will take precedent.  Failure to check into your event will result in disqualification.

Dowload Final Meet Schedule

Meet Schedule 

Day 1 - May 3, 2018

Day 1 Heat Sheets / Field Sheets

Day 2 Heat Sheets / Field Sheets

Estimated Time Event Girls / Boys Event Comments
4:30 PM Coaches Meeting - Packet P/U   Center of Infield
Field Events




5:00 PM Long Jump Boys Final

6:30 PM

Long Jump Girls Final 

Running Events




5:00 PM 100 Meter Dash Girls Prelim


100 Meter Dash Boys Prelim
6:05 PM 1600 Meter Run Girls Final - Section vs Time Final
  1600 Meter Run Boys Final - Section vs Time Final
6:45 PM 4 x 200 Meter Relay Girls Prelim 
  4 x 200 Meter Relay Boys Prelim
7:25 PM 400 Meter Dash Girls Prelim
  400 Meter Dash Boys Prelim
8:05 PM 3200 Meter Run Girls Section Final 
  3200 Meter Run Boys Section Final
8:25 PM 4 x 100 Meter Relay Girls Prelim
  4 x 100 Meter Relay Boys Prelim
8:50 PM 200 Meter Dash Girls Prelim
  200 Meter Dash Boys Prelim

Day 2 - May 4, 2018

Estimated Time Event Girls  Boys Event Comments
4:30 PM Coaches Meeting   Center of Infield
Field Events      
5:00 PM  Shot Put  Boys  Final 
    Discus  Girls Final 
7:00 PM  Discus  Boys  Final 
   Shot Put Girls Final 
Running Events




5:00 PM 100 Meter Dash Girls Final
  100 Meter Dash Boys Final
5:15 PM 4 x 800 Meter Relay Girls Section Vs Time Final
4 x 800 Meter Relay Boys Section Vs Time Final
5:55 PM 4 x 200 Meter Relay Girls Final
  4 x 200 Meter Relay Boys Final
6:05 PM 400 Meter Dash Girls Final
  400 Meter Dash Boys Final
20 Min Break      
6:25 PM 4 x 100 Meter Relay Girls Final
  4 x 100 Meter Relay Boys Final
6:35 PM 800 Meter Run Girls Section Vs Time Final
  800 Meter Run Boys Section Vs Time Final 
7:10 PM 200 Meter Dash Girls Final
7:15 PM 200 Meter Dash Boys Final
7:25 PM 4 x 400 Meter Relay Girls  Section Vs Time Final
 7:40 PM 4 x 400 Meter Relay Boys Section Vs Time Final
Team Awards     Finish Line 

Safety and Security:

Hardin Valley Track and Infield Areas will not be used for warm-ups.  Athletes and coaches are expected to adhere to this requirement.  Field event athletes may not warm up at their venues without an official present.  Failure to comply with this safety requirement will result in disqualification from the meet.

Admission Fee:

Adults $3.00 / $1.00 (ES - MS - HS school aged children) at the gate.  Athletes, coaches and officials no charge.

Hardin Valley Academy Directions: Hardin Valley Academy Directions

Top 5 in Finals Events Qualify for the East Tennessee Middle School Elite Meet 5/8/18

Top 8 in Finals Events Qualify for KYA's Competitive Track and Field Team


5/3     Running Results  / Field Event Results  / Team Scores    

5/4     Running Results / Field Event Results  / Team Scores

2017 Results

2016 Results

2015 Results

2014 Results

2013 Results

2012 Results

2011 Results

2011 Final Team Scores

Previous Years Results

Most Valuable Performers

YEAR Girls Field Boys Field Girls Dist Boys Dist Girls Sprint Boys Sprint Overall Girl Overall Boy Girls Coach Boys Coach

Grace Brison Farragut

Bradan Sharp Karns

Cathryn Jardet Karns

Beckett Anderson West Valley Dominique Romain Karns

Matt White Farragut

Cathryn Jardet Karns

Lance Simpson Farragut

Josh Smith Karns Chris Cavalaris Farragut

Haley Ferrell Gresham

Jacob Noel Halls

Lexi Foley Farragut

Ben Darden Farragut Timiya Ray Cedar Bluff

Elijah Young South Doyle

Kai Lanier W.Valley & Elllie Wolski Catholic

Sebastian LaTorre Bearden

Elizabeth McTavish Farragut Chris Cavilaris Farragut

Abby Taylor  Halls

Jacob Noel Halls

Addison Smith Webb

Preston    Ruth     West Valley Jasmine Jefferson Webb

Jazine Pelcher


Caroline Lewis West Valley

Myles McFerran Farragut

Robin Curry Cedar Bluff Chez Betz Farragut

Kenya Sloan Farragut

Josh Sobota West Valley

Ashtyn Glover West Valley

Kenton Bachman Cedar Bluff Sage Davis Powell Jahlil Jefferson Webb

Elise Stepp Farragut

Tommy Banker Farragut

Elizabeth MacTavish Farragut Chez Betz Farragut

Symphony Buxton Karns

Josh Sobota West Valley

Emily McMichael Farragut

 Tanner Whitsell Karns Sage Davis Powell JT Freels Halls

Rebecca Story CAK

Austin Bihlmeyer


Lori West West Valley Chez Betz Farragut
2012 Destiny Carey Farragut Cole Patterson Halls

Madeline Christain Bearden

Kyle Holland Halls Miranda Burt Farragut Dylan Austin West Valley

Madeline  Christain Bearden

Cole Patterson Halls Elizabeth MacTavish Farragut John Martin West Valley
2011 Destiny
Dagan Uselton
West Valley
West Valley
West Valley


2010 Tyler Carter   West Valley Ethan Griffen West Valley Karlie Yinger Karns Noah Gettlefinger West Valley Amy Smith Karns Demonte Felton Karns Chase Henry West Valley Cody Barkhurst Powell Elizabeth McTavish Farragut John Martin West Valley

Kelsey Kah West Valley

Sydney Lamb Halls

Conner Rohrbough Halls Karlie Yinger Karns Bryan Fitzsimmons West Valley Kadejah Welch Vine Matthew Melton Powell Janet Pheifer Karns Richard Lee    Halls

Melina Russell Vine

Hannah McCloud  Halls

Will Burns West Valley Rebecca Stover West Valley Skyler Winchester West Valley Emily Yarnell Karns Darrin Logan Powell

Team Champions

Year Girls Team Champions Boys Team Champions
2017 Karns Middle School Farragut Middle School
2016 Farragut Middle School Farragut Middle School
2015 Webb MS / Farragut MS (Tie) Farragut Middle School
2014 Farragut Middle School farragut Middle School
2013 West Valley Middle School Farragut Middle School
2012 Farragut Middle School West Valley Middle School
2011 Farragut Middle School West Valley Middle School
2010 Karns Middle School West Valley Middle School
2009 Karns Middle School Halls Middle School
2008 Karns Middle School West Valley Middle School
2007 Karns Middle School West Valley Middle School
2006 West Valley Middle School West Valley Middle School
2005  Karns Middle School Karns Middle School


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